OTC Cross Country Presents Awards For 2016

Girls—Madison Cichy, Jessica Drake, Taylor Gardin, Kadie Knudson, Abbie Radermacher, Katie George, Gracie Grabe, Raeanne Frost.
Boys—Trenton Feda, Jared Scholten, Adam Young, Erick George, Marc Hendricks, Kevin Tierney, Donnie Frost, Colin Geyer, Hunter Doll, Cody Dolezal, Jacob Hite.
Special Awards—
Team Leaders: Cody Dolezal and Katie George
“Our Future”: Blake Alonzo and Macie Cichy
“Best 1st Year”: Hunter Doll, Raeanne Frost
“Most Dedicated”: Ricky George, Jessica Drake
“Hardest Worker”: Marc Hendricks, Madison Cichy
“Most Improved”: Jacob Hite, Gracie Grabe
Seniors—Adam Young, Jared Scholten, Trenton Feda, Jessica Drake, Madison Cichy, Kadie Knudson
Coach’s Award: Jessica Drake
State Entrant: Katie George
Academic Award: Boys and Girls