Glendalough Walk A Success

Earth Day, April 22nd brought absolutely perfect weather for the annual Walk for Glendalough fundraiser.  A light breeze, warm temperatures, green grass and open water brought many people out to enjoy the park, and raise funds for park projects.
Individuals, pledge collectors, and sponsors raised a total of $11,596.50.  The top pledge collectors were; Grace Stoebe, $3,015.00, Jo Miguel Diederich, $500.00, Matt Christianson, $450.00, Bob Wasson, $350.00, Catherine Schindler, $350.00, and Danni Hanson, $305.00.  
The volunteer trail guides, park staff and shuttle drivers offered advice on which trails to hike, and offered shuttle rides to view the eagle’s nest viewing area where a scope was set up.  
More volunteers manned the Trail Center dining hall and served coffee and coffee cake in the morning, and a delicious brat lunch.  The historic Lodge was open for tours, and the Estes family was on hand to answer questions about the history of Glendalough.  
A crowd gathered at the new outdoor seating area to conclude the day with park updates, awards, and door prizes.  Dan Malmstrom of the Development Committee of the Glendalough State Park Citizen’s Advisory Board unveiled the proposed Trailhead Center project plans. 
Glendalough State Park is very fortunate to have an active Park Partners group to raise funds, identify projects, and work with the state of Minnesota to make it an excellent state park.   
Submitted by: Kristi Everts, Walk for Glendalough Coordinator
Photos by Karina Walvatne