Memorial Day Program in Ashby

The Memorial Day program at Ashby was overflowing with those who remember the day. The first graders recited songs and also sang for us.   The special speaker was Dr. Gary Coulter from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was overwhelmed at the attendance and special program. We all felt so proud of our Legionaires amd auxiliary.  Our hearts went out especially to those who gave their lives for our country. Minnesota has played an important part to have a day to honor all who served in our wars, from the Civil War until now.  The families who lost loved ones this past year were given a flag by the Legion and auxiliary.   They were the families of Rodney Moe, Rodney Moebius, Neal Ehlers, Edward Bing Olson and Walter Schmidt. We were served a nice lunch by the Legion and auxiliary.  The Fly-Over took place at the end of the service.   They also flew over the V.A. in Fergus Falls. We all stood in light rain and were happy to do it. There were about 20 auxiliary members  plus the Legionaires.