OTC Golf Teams On To State

By Coach Mike Hepola
A great Section golf showing for both OTC golf teams as the boys team wons the section by 5 strokes over Pine River Backus with a 2nd day total of 337 to earn a berth into the Class A State Tournament June 13th and 14th in Becker.   The boys were led by freshman Jackson Nyhus with a 5th place finish,  other team members are senior Adam Young,  freshman Noah Chase, sophomore Drew Young,  senior Carter Frank and freshman Parker Fraki. 
The girls team finished in 2nd place behind champion Park Christian,  but we had enough fire power to send 3 individuals into the State Tournament with the three seniors earning those spots.  Morgan Klintworth led the way with a 3rd place finish to earn her 5th trip to state.  Greta Nyhus and Makenzie Vorderbruggen tied for the final two spots and will both be making their 4th state appearance.  
Great job by all and we look forward to representing our communities well down at the State Tournament. 
I apologize to everyone for not getting weekly results published but with the season being a little hectic, after missing the first two weeks I decided to go with one summary once the regular season was completed.  It has been an unbelievably successful season for both our boys and birls golf teams this spring and we look forward to competing in the Section 6A tournament May 31st and June 1st. Both the boys and girls Teams won the Quad County Conference Meet on May 15th.  This was the boys 5th straight championship and the girls 1st.  We also placed a number of golfers on the All-Conference team (listed later).  Here is a rundown of our season.  Reminder in high school golf your team score is based off the top 4 scores out of 6 golfers.  We for the most part had the same individuals throughout the season so after the first meet, I'll only be using first names. 
April 11th @ Tipsinah
Girls Team 416 (2nd Place)
Boys Team 324 (1st Place)
Girls Individuals: Morgan Klintworth 90 (2nd Place), Greta Nyhus 100, Megan Weber 107 and Megan Hodenfeld 119
Boys Individuals: Adam Young 75 (1st Place), Noah Chase 79 (4th Place), Jackson Nyhus 85, Drew Young 85, Parker Fraki 94 and Carter Frank 95.  
April 18th @ Balmoral
Girls Team 428 (2nd Place)  Greta 94 (2nd), Morgan 97 (5th), Megan W. 112, Megan H. 125
Boys Team 330 (1st Place) Adam 76 (1st), Jackson 80 (2nd), Noah 84 (5th), Carter 90, Drew 95, Parker 96
April 20th @ Pebble Lake
Girls Team 415 (1st Place)  Morgan 92 (1st), Megan W. 103 (3rd), Greta 104 (4th), Makenzie Vorderbruggen 116, Megan H. 125
Boys Team 334 (1st Place) Adam 77 (1st), Noah 82 (2nd), Jackson 83 (3rd), Carter 92 (5th), Parker 93, Drew 95, and Nick Miller 98
April 24th @ Legacy (Craguns Resort)
Girls Team (Incomplete) Greta 103, Megan W. 114, Megan H. 116
Boys Team 328 (1st) Jackson 80 (1st), Noah 81 (2nd), Adam 81 (3rd), Drew 86 (5th), Parker 96 (6th), Carter 101
May 2nd @ Thumper Pond
Girls Team 422 (1st)  Morgan 95 (1st), Greta 99 (4th), Megan W 106 (6th), Megan H. 122
Boys Team 364 (2nd) Adam 84 (1st), Noah 91 (2nd), Jackson 94, Parker 95, Carter 96, Drew 97
May 4th @ Long Prairie
Girls Team 427 (1st)  Morgan 91 (1st), Greta 106 (2nd), Megan W 107 (3rd), Megan H. 123 (6th)
Boys Team 335 (1st) Adam 79 (2nd), Jackson 82 (3rd), Noah 83 (4th), Carter 91, Parker 101, Drew 103
May 9th @ Tipsinah
Girls Team 375 (1st) Morgan 83 (2nd), Greta 92 (4th), Makenzie 99, Megan W. 101, Megan H. 122
Boys Team 322 (1st) Adam 75 (1st), Noah 78 (2nd), Jackson 81 (4th), Carter 88, Drew 89, Parker 101
Conference Championship May 15th @ Tipsinah 
Girls Team 372 (Conference Champs!)  Greta 88 (2nd), Morgan 91 (4th), Makenzie 95, Megan W. 98, Megan H. 116
Boys Team 326 (Conference Champs!)  Adam 78 (2nd), Jackson 80 (3rd), Drew 83 (4th), Noah 85, Carter 97, Parker 97
All-Conference Team—
Girls: Morgan Klintworth and Greta Nyhus
Boys: Adam Young (MVP), Noah Chase, Jackson Nyhus and Drew Young
As you can see a tremendously solid year for both programs and we hope to continue it as we enter Section play.  The boys team won every regular season meet other than (ironically) our Thumper meet, while the girls team finished 1st or 2nd in each of their meets.  Great job by all the players. It's been a fun season and let's keep it going!