Fulfilling a Lifetime Goal

September 1, Mike Nauman achieved a lifetime goal of owning the Shoreline Restaurant, Bar & Bowl. Born and raised in Battle Lake, he was very familiar with the place until he was 14 when his family moved to Colorado. Every summer after the move, though, he would get to see the Shoreline again when the family came back for vacation. They have always called Battle Lake home. Mike’s very first job was being a dishwasher in a restaurant. What he didn’t know then, is that he would be in the restaurant business for the rest of his life. During and after he attended college, he worked his way up to be a sous chef at the Rocky Mountain Diner in downtown Denver where they plated 300-350 meals per day. There were many great chefs to work with over the years and he learned something from them all. In 2009, he moved back to Battle Lake with the goal of purchasing the Shoreline. In the meantime, Mike settled in as the head chef at Thumper Pond where he managed a very large kitchen that served several hundred guests at multiple venues from the restaurant to weddings and private parties. He learned that the key to keep things running smoothly when it gets busy was having a great staff.