SAL, What In the World Is That?

SAL stands for Sons of the American Legion. SAL is a national organization developed in 1932 by descendants of military veterans who served our country. Locally, it is a new group of volunteers around town. After some discussion by our local American Legion, it was decided to see if there was any interest in our area to try and form SAL squadron. They found that there was enough interest to pursue forming a squadron, so we had our first informational meeting in March of 2016. We decided to give it a go with about 15 members and started recruiting people to attend our meetings to see what it was all about. Fast forward 16 months, we have seen tremendous growth! There are currently 63 SAL members from Fargo to Wisconsin, with many residing in the Ashby area. With a membership like that, we have been able to help the American Legion with some of their duties by volunteering our time to assist them. This summer, the Legion has allowed us to take the reins on a few of their events such as the street dance during Appreciation Days and more recently, Ribfest. Like the Legion, we are an organization who has the ability to donate money out to the community.