Knights Team Wins In Wadena

Homecoming, a long standing tradition in which an institution welcomes back its alumni and former residents. Typically all bells, whistles and regalia are flying high for all to see. The West Central Area/Ashby Knights rounded up their homecoming week and left no stone unturned as the show put on was outstanding. All week activities commenced and culminated to a crescendo on Saturday. From Punt, Pass, Kick competitions to youth and JV games, a Taste of WCAA (that apple crisp was pretty darn good!), to a very coordinated effort in the Star Spangled Banner (note: every person capable was standing for this one), the festivities were great. Then marched the #13 ranked Pillager Huskies onto the field. The Huskies put on a clinic of how to play football and worked over the home team by a score of 42-12