Wanda’s Hobby

by Winnie Thompson
She paints and completes the picture of wooden items she comes across.
She is Wanda Risbrudt, home grown gal, native of Ashby and lived here all of her life. Raised in Ashby, married Herb Risbrudt, farmer-to-be and raised their three children in rural Ashby or Dalton on the Risbrudt farm.  Of course, both towns wish to claim her. Wanda now resides at Ashby Assisted Living in a mini apartment. She became a resident there in October 2014. Herb is now deceased and after living in an apartment in Ashby for a time, she moved on to the assisted living. She has made her place very cozy and comfortable, just like home.
If you get a chance to visit Ashby Assisted Living, take a few minutes to see all of the fun things Wanda has painted and on display. It is a great hobby for a happy and great friend to all.