Appreciation Days Horseshoe Winners

They honored Jim Hoff this year at the horseshoe tournament. He was a regular attendee Monday evenings at the Ashby courts and has been greatly missed this year. Many of his family members were present and participated on his behalf. The roster was filled out with a record breaking 24 participants. Winners were Denise Larson (Underwood) and Gene Eitreim (Battle Lake), they were undefeated after 8 games to 21 points. Coming in second was Mary Jorud (Battle Lake) and Dave Balgaard (Ashby), they did have home court advantage. In third place were the Jasons: Jason Haugen (Underwood) and Jason Austinson (West Fargo). Rounding out the last payout position was Samantha Haugen (Underwood) and Don Sem (Underwood) coming in fourth.