Firearm Safety Class In Underwood

Knowledge about firearm safety is important for families, communities, and hunting safety. Many of the students who take this course may never go hunting, but it’s important to their parents that their child understand how important gun safety is.
The DNR course gives students hands on experience for checking the safety on a firearm, understanding the danger of ammunition, and how to handle a gun in a safe manner.
The instructors like this class because they get to know the students as they teach the skills and ethics and will know if the student is mature enough to earn their safety certificate. Students also learn about habitat, conservation practices, and how to make decisions about safety.
Students in Underwood have been taking a firearm safety course to learn about being safe around guns and keeping others safe. As part of the three and a half week course, a field night was held to teach students about boating safety, duck blinds, how to cross fences safely, how to safely handle a gun in different positions and how to move safely around others. Students in the course include Evan Lundgren, Jaxon Swonger, Kaleb Hammes, Landon Karsnia, Collin Lukken, Elizabeth Lukken, Kailey Burgau, Kaden Bosek, Noah Wentzel, Mily Albjerg, Joey Kupfer, Aurora Melby, and Mikala Munday. Adults assisting with the course include DNR Conservation Officer Troy Richards and volunteer instructors Greg Kugler, Brooke Fitzel, Chuck Kitzman, and Wade Erickson. Others volunteers who assisted with the course include Pat Holman, Dustin Kitzman, and Gary Forsberg.