Three Inductees To BLHS Hall of Fame

The Battle Lake 542 Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the following individuals will be inducted into the Battle Lake Hall of Fame Saturday, September 29. These inductees were selected from a list of over 15 nominees that the Foundation Board received this past year or were on file from the previous year.

Todd A. Olson, Class of 1979
Todd graduated from Battle Lake High School in 1979 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota-Morris and a Master’s degree in counseling psychology at the University of Kansas.  He worked at the University of Denver for 16 years in a variety of positions and earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education. He was one of the founders of the Pioneer Leadership Program, a signature academic and residential learning program.
Sandy Thimgan, Teacher, Coach and Director 1970-2003 (shown)
Sandy graduated from Concordia College and went on to teach in Framingham, MA and Hendrum/Pearly, MN before accepting a teaching position in Battle Lake Public School in 1970. She served as the K-12 Vocal Instructor for 33 years, was the 5-12 Band Instructor for 10 years, started the elementary choir and swing/pop choirs, and did specialized before school rehearsals for various choir groups. Sandy also coached gymnastics and directed One Act and Three Act plays/melodramas.
James DeMars, Class of 1970
James graduated from Battle Lake High School in 1970. He then went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with “Honors and Distinction in Music” from McAlester College in 1974 and completed his Ph.D. in Music Composition & Theory at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 1981 where he studied with Dominick Argento. Following the completion of his Ph.D, James and wife, Janet moved to Tempe, Arizona where he accepted a position teaching music composition, acoustics and theory at Arizona State University. Currently James is a full professor at the university while also composing music on commission.

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