Underwood School Board July Meeting

The Underwood School Board Regular July meeting was held Monday July 16, 2018 in the Conference Room.  Present were Board Members John Wold, Rebekah Meder, Michele Peterson, Ardy Johansen, Mandy Rich, and Kyle Sem, Superintendent Dave Kuehn, Community Ed Director Anne Stenoien and Business Manager Margie Thieschafer. Absent: None. Others present: Chad Gronner and Patience Armstrong.
Peterson, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. with a quorum present.  Motion to approve agenda (Johansen/Wold:  MCU). Motion to approve the amended minutes of June 18, 2018 Regular Board Meeting (Sem/Rich: MCU). The following donations were acknowledged: Underwood Lions $500 for Roadside Poetry, Underwood Education Community Foundation $700 for ECFE Manipulatives, $395 for Rowing Machine for fitness center, Everts Township $250 Summer Recreation.  Thank you for your generosity.
Motion to approve payment of the June/July computer generated checks #47521-47556 and wire payments totaling $453,360.89 (Johansen/ Wold: MCU). Total expenditures in June by fund were General $960,232.39; Food Service $48,236.17; Community Service $37,073.94; and Debt Service $0.00; for a total of $1,045,542.50. The board received the Quarterly Student Activity Report dated June 30, 2018.
Motion to approve bid from Gerald and Shantel Thorson for FY19 Carpentry House (Johansen/Sem: MCU).
Motion to approve bid from Reggie & Linda Lee for FY20 Carpentry House if agreed upon by Lees (Johansen/Sem: MF. Voting For: Johansen and Wold; Voting Against: Meder, Peterson, Rich and Sem).
Motion to accept milk bid at escalated rate from Cass Clay for FY19 (Wold/Rich: MCU).
Motion to authorize purchase of fuel oil on the open market for FY19 (Johansen/Rich: MCU).
Motion to approve membership in Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) and Lakes Country Service Cooperative (LCSC) (Rich/Sem: MCU).
Motion to approve Long Term Facilities Management 10 year plan (Sem/Meder: MCU).
Motion to approved State directed Lead in Water Plan (Wold/Sem: MCU).
Resolution on Board Authority was read.
Roll call vote on resolution to utilize Board approved referendum authority of $260.39 per adjusted pupil unit for five years beginning FY19 (Wold Aye, Meder Aye, Peterson Aye, Johansen Aye, Rich Aye and Sem Aye: MCU); full resolution on file.
Motion to maintain gate fees and activity passes as in FY18 (Rich/Wold: MCU).
Motion for school facility daily fees to remain the same fees as in FY18 (Johansen/ Sem: MCU).
Motion to maintain substitute teacher; increase speech judge to $77.50 per meet and all other extracurricular rates remain the same as FY18 (Johansen/Sem: MC, Voting For:  Peterson, Johansen, Rich and Sem; Voting Against Meder; Wold abstained from the vote).
Motion to increase lunch prices by .10 cents and breakfast prices by .05 cents (Johansen/ Rich: MCU).
Motion to increase bus trip pay by .50 all other transportation pay and fees remain same as in FY18 (Rich/Sem: MC, Johansen and Wold abstained).
Motion to set mileage reimbursement at .25 per mile for all staff driving personal vehicle when a school vehicle is available (Wold/Rich: MCU).
Staff appreciation funding discussed and will be brought back at the August meeting.
Johansen report on Region I and Lakes Country Service Cooperative and Wold reported on Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative.
Stenoien gave Community Ed report. Kuehn gave the Superintendent report.
Motion to adjourn (Rich/Sem:MCU). Meeting ended at 7:40 p.m.
John Wold, Clerk
(This publication constitutes the legal printing August 29, 2018 of the official minutes of this meeting.)